Dr. Hogan’s Concepts for Practicing Medicine

 There are several concepts about my practice that are important for the parent to understand:

1.  I feel that the most important “medicine” that is given to your child is his diet.  
Limit the processed foods and sugars. Be aware of sensitivities to foods that would not be considered a true allergy but that would affect the mood and health of your individual child.  The most common food sensitivities are cow’s milk, wheat, eggs, nuts, and yeasts.  Breastmilk is, by far and away, the best basis to create a healthy child.

2. If I feel your child has life-threatening illness, we will hospitalize the child using orthodox medications.
If your child has taken less courses of antibiotics in her lifetime, she will respond better if she needs antibiotics on those urgent occasions.

3. If your child has a fever, the higher the fever does not mean a higher severity of illness.
I have been trained to recognize the more serious infections; the symptoms may be quite mild early in the illness. Fever is what the body uses to fight both viral and bacterial infections.  If your child is playful and keeping hydrated, there is no need to give Motrin or Tylenol. If your child is uncomfortable, give Tylenol if the temperature is over 102°.

I understand that febrile seizures are scary for a parent to consider. Febrile seizures do not cause brain damage and last less than 5 minutes. A higher temperature does not mean a higher likelihood of febrile seizures.  A rapid change in temperature (going up or down) is most likely to trigger a febrile seizure.  Please do not bathe your child in cold water or rubbing alcohol. Both of these practices may be harmful to your child.

4. The majority of childhood illnesses are viral, including ear infections and green nasal discharge.
Antibiotics will not help the majority of childhood infections; in some cases, the infections may be worsened with the addition of antibiotics.  I cannot tell from looking at an eardrum if the infection is viral or bacterial.  Most viral illnesses will begin to resolve within 72 hours.  The symptoms continue to worsen over time with bacterial illnesses.  It is my job to recognize symptoms of viral versus bacterial illnesses. I will counsel you on what to expect and how to best make your child safe and comfortable.

5. I realize it may seem horrible to let your child wait without antibiotics for 48 hours if an antibiotic might possibly help, but it is important that we consider the child’s future immunity and the number of illnesses to which your child may become exposed.
There have been many “superbugs” that have been created because of our past liberal use of antibiotics.  There are bacterial illnesses that can no longer be controlled by our current available antibiotics!  Pharmaceutical companies are devising new types of powerful antibiotics to fight the more resistant bacteria.  It is cycling out of control, and we must take a stand to protect our children.  I will always try to fight your child’s infections with the simplest antibiotic possible, if an antibiotic is needed.  This will make your child’s immunity stronger when she becomes exposed to dangerous infections.

6. My ability as a physician is only as good as the information I am given by the caretaker. 
Criteria of illnesses and treatment are approached differently in homeopathy, so please tell of strange food cravings or unusual complaints from your child.  This “detective work” is important to give the best treatment to your child.

7. It is important to me that we cover all of your questions during our office visits.
Please make a list of important questions prior to our office appointment. Some problems, such as migraines, bed-wetting or behavior problems require so much time that we may need to schedule a separate office visit from well child checks.

8. It is a well-known fact that cigarette smoking is detrimental to the smoker and all those in contact with the smoke.
Even if all smokers smoke outside the home, the child’s risk for infections is doubled.  The risk of asthma is tripled.  The risk for a house fire in which a child is severely burned is tripled with one smoker in the home.  I will not preach to you, but I want you to know how I feel.  If you are unable to stop smoking, please try to limit the number of cigarettes per day.  Please decrease the smoke exposure to your child, especially in enclosed spaces such as the car.

9. I feel that vaccines have been the most wonderful health discoveries in history.
There are possible side effects with the administration of vaccines.  The benefits are huge; the likelihood of side effects are rare.

10. I know that my patients are healthier when their parents take the most active role in their health.
An unhappy family situation will create stress on the child, increasing the infections, and decreasing the immunity, regardless of that child’s age.  Children are extremely aware of their surroundings and will react to any family turmoil.

11. I am not magic.
There are many things that I cannot change, such as family history, genetics, pollution, the weather, but I can try to create the healthiest child possible.